02 June 2010

I gotta hand it to the Marines...

The new light, all-terrain armored vehicles, dubbed the "M-ATV", have been rushed into service for Afghanistan. Though able to withstand punishing blasts, and perform in rugged terrain, the vehicles are not without their flaws, reports the Marine Corps Times. Among them are problems with the armored door latches and the engine wiring.

But when the going gets tough, the tough get clever. Whenever faulty door latches prevent Marines from entering the M-ATV from the outside, Marines undertake the following corrective actions:
When the problem occurs, they will access the vehicle through another door, then crawl over the seats and use the inside handle to open the one that’s stuck.

Sounds a lot like a car I had once. In truth, this merits immediate attention, as a jammed door can make a hairy situation that much worse. Still, I'm curious to get a more balanced view of the M-ATVs in Afghanistan. Thoughts?


Andy Kravetz said...

The MATV just is a cool-looking vehicle. I want one. And you know, this means the Corps can't continue complaining about getting crappy stuff all the time.

As for the door-handle, I have that on my car now. No power locks so when I have to open the other side, that's what I do.

Anonymous said...

The troops love the M-ATV. Its fast and maneuverable; achieving 60MPH on the the limited AF highway system is easy. I have not heard anyone complain about the doors... but that's a serious issue (as you noted).

Personally, it reminds me of something from the XBox game - HALO. The soldiers want to see more :)
FaST Surgeon

Starbuck said...


I remember when we got the Maxxpro MRAPs (Ambulance version). We never took them off-base (at least not very far), but they were quite sweet. Tons of electronics and great features. Poor off-road characteristics, but it never went farther than the post office. The real ambulance was the Black Hawk.