17 June 2010

Sign of the times

Read the introduction to this article from Britain's Ministry of Defence website:
Helicopter pilot Captain Joanna Gordon, who began her Army career as a caterer, has just returned from her second tour of Afghanistan where she supported operations from the cockpit of an Apache.

Captain 'Jo' Gordon, a 39-year-old officer in the Army Air Corps, flies the most sophisticated piece of kit in the Army's arsenal, but began her career in the modest kitchen of her father's local pub in Devon where she learnt to cook.
After reading that intro, I was more amazed by the fact that Captain Gordon started out as a military caterer and worked her way into the aviation field than I was by the fact that she was a woman, though the authors seem to think differently. For me, seeing women in the cockpit of aircraft has become such a common occurence that I hardly even give it a second thought.

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