12 June 2010

When in Rome

Since arriving in Europe, I learned something quite amazing. Apparently, there is this sport called "soccer" or "football", and I believe the US has a team. Fascinating, isn't it?

Kidding aside, I found it quite amusing when one of the foreign soldiers (Slovenian or Polish, most likely) wore an English football jersey around the base today, presumably to start some trouble.

Granted, I hadn't expected England and the US to draw such rivalry. In the long history of international sporting events, America's greatest rival has been the Soviet Union, with many Americans believing that the entire Cold War was won on a hockey rink in Lake Placid sometime in 1980. Yet, with the fall of the Soviet Union, America needs to look for new rivals, according to the sportscasters on ESPN, who noted that the US and England had a lot of "history" between them.

Wait, does that mean that if we win the game, we get to burn down Buckingham Palace?

Of course, I'm not the only one to play up the American-English rivalry. Check out this segment from the Daily Show's John Oliver, the token British correspondent.

And, of course, this interesting commercial (H/T Kelly Jones)

If they win, the gang at Kings of War will never let me live this down...

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Anonymous said...

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