14 July 2010

FaST Surgeon is the new James Bond?

Just as the James Bond series spans the careers of six actors, so does FaST Surgeon in Afghanistan survive throughout the RIP/TOA.  (That's Relief-In-Place and Transfer-of-Authority for the civilians out there)

The original FaST Surgeon, Lt. Col. Joe Sucher, is now safe and sound back in the United States.  Yet the blog lives on through a new surgeon, "Captain J".  If you haven't been following FaST Surgeon, suffice to say that I think it's easily one of the best deployed milblogs I've seen in a long time.  Add it to your RSS Reader and follow it at Facebook.

1 comment:

FaST Surgeon said...

ah shucks... that's a great headline! :) And thanks for the promotion ... The Army still thinks that I'm a mere Major. :)

Ya'll won't believe the fantastic photos that are coming. CPT Johnson is a super terrific Occupational Therapist AND he may be an even better photographer (There.. I said it). But I will continue to provide storyline commentary for those who still enjoy reading.

Thanks for everything,

FaST Surgeon