26 July 2010

In non-Wikileaks news...

Contrary to what a certain SWJ editor has suggested, I was not the perpetrator in last week's bank robbery, in which a man clad in a Darth Vader mask made off with a bag full of cash.  It would be mildly amusing if this were the same Darth Vader that broke into the Jedi Temple in New York City and beat up a number of Jedi wanna-bes.  Life really does imitate art, I guess.

While I'm on the topic of Star Wars, check out Drezner's latest musings in Foreign Policy Online.  Drezner, a professor of international politics at Tufts University, asks the age-old question:  were the Jedi anti-big-government libertarians?  

(Remember that Drezner is the same man who provided expert analysis on the recent disagreement between Sayyid Qutb's adherents and Lady Gaga.)

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