28 September 2010

A critical issue

We can help prevent suicide.  Maybe not all suicides, but we can at least curtail them if we work hard enough.  I'm certain of it.

The US Army's Forces Command's  (FORSCOM) Twitter feed had a few good links on the subject.   Please read these articles and take them to heart.  Share them with your friends.

Together, maybe we can help get this under control.


El Goyito said...

Very sad situation. Hey Starbuck, have you ever read Jonathan Shay? I think you'd appreciate his "Odysseus in America" abt combat vets returning to the good ol' USA. Review it!

El Goyito said...

Something I took issue in one of the news articles is the statement by a Col. Crandell who said that there is "no civilian equivalent to deployment." I disagree. Christian missions work overseas is, in many ways, similar to overseas military deployment. I have definitely had some traumatic experiences. When I go back to the USA I struggle with anger and frustration b/c everyone lives in their own bubble and don't seem to care abt the wide world around them. On the positive side, overseas missions work is a viable option for the returning vets who want something more from life and can't integrate back into the soul-destroying American suburban lifestyle - come down here and give me a hand or find somewhere to serve. In losing yourself, you just may find yourself.