01 September 2010

Your PowerPoint Quote of the Day

The brass may not have approved of Col. Lawrence Sellin's now-infamous anti-PowerPoint rant, but legions of frustrated PowerPoint Rangers wholeheartedly agree.  Just check out these responses to Sellin's article. 

And note that these snarky sentiments are expressed in coherent words and sentences--the way they should be. 

(And more well-written than my post yesterday, that's for sure.  Thanks for the suggested revisions, guys!)

"Sadly, [Colonel Sellin] is right," wrote commenter Carl F. of Dallas. "The military has become so enamored with PowerPoint that it is rapidly losing track of its real mission and replacing it with a pablum-type spoon-fed mini-information series of slides that can't come close to truly clarifying muddy water, much less the war. Unfortunately, if today's military leaders were to put up against the Axis forces of [World War II], we'd all be speaking German or Japanese -- which we'd learn from them via PowerPoint."

Responding to Carl F., reader C.J. wrote: "I'm not so sure we'd be speaking German or Japanese at this point, but because the 'briefing' mentality is pretty cross-cultural, I'm more inclined to think we'd still be fighting some offshoot of the 18th and 19th century global colonial wars. Oh, wait..."

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