20 October 2010

1st. Lt. Dan Choi, US Army, re-enlists.

1st. Lt. Daniel Choi, discharged under the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy, re-enlisted in Times Square yesterday. In an interview, Choi explained that he would enter the Army as a specialist, instead of his previous rank of lieutenant.

I think it speaks volumes for Choi that he is willing to accept the demotion just to serve in the US Army.


Chris said...

Lt. Choi may have a new problem. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals just lifting the injunction banning DADT pending appeal by the Federal government.


Anonymous said...

Choi is just a publicity seeker. No officer would enlist as a SPC to be the first openly gay soldier unless he was trying to parlay it into a political career down the road.

Anonymous said...

I think it has as much to do with sticking to a principle as a desire to serve. Choi finally has the opportunity to take action on his belief and seems willing to take whatever position he can to see that belief through. It's admirable, if a shame that he's taking a demotion.

@anon, not that I think you're necessarily wrong, but it's not like Choi is the first dude to enter into the service to buttress a future political career. See also many previous presidents and a whole passel of congresspeople. At least he has a principle behind it.