17 October 2010


Tom Ricks hosted an excellent post about the inanity of US Army garrison life last week.  Yet, no words of his (or his guest poster, "Recon Runner") can fully describe the garrison mentality as well as this do-it-yourself Internet video:


Andy Kravetz said...

I swear, the people who do these videos (this and the helicopter one) are brilliant. I am laughing and my wife asking why. I can't explain.

Enriqueta Turanzas said...

I"m sooo sorry, if this is anything close to your reality it's no wonder you drink so much.

Anonymous said...

Where did this video go. The doesn't work and I can't find it anywhere. Just because it is 100% true doesn't mean we need stricken it from the public. This was the only moral I had dealing with all the truths portrayed in this video. Please put it back up or let me know where i can find it.