16 October 2010

A short-lived break

I'll be taking a break over the weekend to pen a few words on civil-military relations, specifically, the issue of conscription as it's practiced by democracies all over the world.

In the process, I've been zooming through Lt. Col. Jason K. Dempsey's "Our Army", the best book on civil-military relations written in the past decade.  Lt. Col. Dempsey sheds light on some recent trends in politicization of the officer corps, and shatters some misconceptions about the non-partisan army.

I was going to spend a few days on the book and my upcoming writing--after all, it's not like anything exciting ever happens in the defense policy world, right?

Then I discovered that Julian Assange of WikiLeaks is poised to release an even larger collection of documents from the Iraq War--some 400,000 of them--as early as Monday.  Looks like it's going to be a busy week.

(H/T Twitter pal Camilla Fuhr for the link)

Update:  How could I forget?  Spencer Ackerman has an inside look at what the new WikiLeaks release might contain.

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Anonymous said...

Any comment's on Nielsen's American Civil-Military Relations?