02 October 2010

We win?

Can we claim victory in the War on Terror if we turn our number one enemy into a hippie?
Much of ...[bin Laden's most recent]...recording is spent describing the tragic aftermath of flooding in Pakistan. "There are millions of children in the open who lack suitable living conditions such as clean drinking water," bin Laden says. If the observations can be interpreted as first-hand, it would suggest that U.S. intelligence agencies are right that bin Laden remains in hiding in that country.
Bin Laden also laments that Muslim nations spend too much of their money on militaries, and outlines an agenda that includes development projects in disaster areas and better education for Muslims on "the danger of the over-usage of non-renewable groundwater in agriculture."
It's official. Osama bin Laden is now Sally Struthers.

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jbmoore said...

When you are up to your neck in water, you realize that your first priority is to seek high ground. Your target has left his little flooded hole and is somewhere above the waterline of the flood waters. Is he hiding in a crowd or in dry comfortable accommodations? Are the CIA drones and satellites having trouble playing "Where's Osama?" still, despite the help from once-in-a-century floods?