24 October 2010

Wikileaks: Iraq. Yawn...

There's little that's earth-shattering in Wikileaks' latest release.  

Even reports that the US shot down and captured a wayward Iranian drone, flying over Shia territory in Iraq, are old news to anyone who reads "tabloid" news magazines like Wired.com.   Oddly enough, specific details of Iran's overt involvement in Iraq might be one of the more startling revelations in the Iraq War Logs.  If anything, the Wikileaks report might reflect more poorly on Iran than on the US.  

(Admit it, this guy was right on that issue)

Meanwhile, though Julian Assange boasts that he can make governments crumble, it appears that his mental state might be crumbling instead, according the New York Times

Update:  It seems Iran's cross-border hijinks might be even worse than I thought.  The NYT reports that, according to the US Army's initial Sit-rep, the three American hikers captured by Iran in 2009 were actually in Iraqi territory.  (Though keep in mind that initial reports are very often wrong)

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buch leser said...

The released documents show the daily life of the conflict, as U.S. soldiers have experienced it. In addition, it appears from the thousands threat analysis, attack reports and arrest records but also reconstruct exactly how has unfolded, the Islamic brother struggle between Shiites and Sunnis, how society brutalized, such as abductions, executions and torture of detainees routine was. Even activists from neighboring Syria, Iran and Jordan mingled the documents revealed in this war. It is shown again and again. A war benefits no one. Only the people suffer.