24 November 2010

Decision Points (A Totally Original Title)

After two weeks in Texas, my next order of business was deciding where to go over the Thanksgiving break.  I made decision the way I make all of my important decisions in life--by asking everyone on the Internet to decide for me.  (Apparently, I am not The Decider)

I got a wide range of responses.  Xavier Rauscher, my French ami, suggested Strasbourg, in Alsace-Lorraine Province in France.  Alsace-Lorraine, and particularly Verdun, has the scene of many battles between the French and the Germans, and, according to Barbara Tuchman, it was a land so beautiful it was worth fighting for.  

Others, such as Xavier's British friend Aaron Ellis, suggested a trip to the east, through Athens.  The British always like to go through Europe through Greece for some reason.  One of the Panda Hat twins suggested I go to Krakow in Poland, while others suggested I go to Prague, others suggested Budapest, while the northern option--through Denmark and the Netherlands--remained a distinct option.  

Thus, I was faced with quite a dilemma.  From Germany, do I go East or West.  Or even North.  (Your typical German dilemma, it seems) Of course, one of my Twitter followers came up with the astute observation:

"If you really wanted to act like the Germans, you'd go both East and West"

True, true, but my BMW can only go so fast, and I already got "blitzed" by a hidden camera, so I might want to watch my speed in the near future.  Thus, it's off to Alsace-Lorraine in France, to the battlefields near Verdun.  

Any suggestions?  


Niel said...

Go East young man ... Prague.

Unknown said...

Hoping you enjoy a Happy Thanksgiving with family & friends!

courtneyme109 said...

Château de Puivert, Frankreich

Anonymous said...

If you love beer, you need to go to Poperinge, Belgium. It's close to the famously exclusive Westvleteren Brewery (http://www.sintsixtus.be/eng/brouwerij.htm) amongst others in Watou (http://www.sintbernardus.be/en/index.html and http://www.brouwerijvaneecke.tk/ or a wordy summary here: http://www.whitebeertravels.co.uk/watou.html)

You can see some history/heritage in Poperinge too: http://www.talbothouse.be/

With Ypres/Flander's Fields nearby too: http://www.lonelyplanet.com/belgium/flanders/ypres

Hope it helps! Pour some brew on the curb for me.