23 November 2010

North Korea fires rocket artillery at South Korean island

Reports are coming in that North Korea has allegedly fired rocket artillery--some fifty two hundred rounds--at Yeonpyeong Island in the Yellow Sea.  Rounds have apparently hit buildings on the South Korean island, and were met with a barrage from South Korea.

Steve Herman, of the Voice of America in Seoul, Korea, has said "this is getting quite serious".

Addendum:  The picture to the right is being touted as the aftermath of the North Korean attack.

More as this chaotic situation unfolds.

Update:  I have one report that the US has deployed a sub-launched Scan Eagle UAV to survey the damage. 

Update:  VOA reports that South Korea is mulling taking the incident straight to the UN.

Update:  Report that PACOM has established two Combined Joint Task Forces, CJTF 71-1 and CJTF 72-1.

Update:  I just got a message that says, "Things you should be Googling: USS JIMMY CARTER, Diego Garcia, Scan Eagle UAVs, SSGNs".

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Anonymous said...

South Korea will be going to the UN and the UN will issue a strictly worded letter about the incident. That will do nothing except embolden North Korea to do more later on.