30 December 2010

2010: Outtakes and Deleted Scenes

Poor panda hat...
It seems that I left out a few great links in yesterday's 2010 end-of-year roundup.  

In a stunning move, France signed defense cooperation agreements with with her former enemies Britain and Germany.  Of course, that hasn't stopped Aaron Ellis and Xavier Rauscher from debating the merits of Emperor Napoleon and Lord Wellington.  Meanwhile, the ladies of 6th Generation Warfare got sexified (uh, and Petulant Sage and Sean702 did a good job as well).  We saw the Son of Neocles take on the Naval Academy's critics, met Greyhawk and Lt. Col. Bell at the Milblog Conference 2010, and witnessed the end of the Predator era, as well as the dawn of a new era:  Chris Albon Day

Not to mention, some sites are so good, I can't limit myself to just one link.  So here's Adam Elkus' Rethinking Security, as well as Patrick Porter's Offshore Balancer, Mark Safranski's Zenpundit, Dr. Rex Brynen's Paxsims, the crew at FaST Surgeon, and the ever-wonderful Kings of War and Small Wars Journal.   


Joseph Sucher, MD FACS said...

Hey! ... Didn't you get your EO training soldier? No means No! :) Happy New Year!
FaST Surgeon

Unknown said...

Now that the wars overseas are about to wind down over on the Small Wars Council forum our threads are now getting back to the business of real soldiering. For example, read this:

"Dobermans are not allowed in Army family housing according to Department of the Army (DA) policy. The 2009 policy explicitly bans certain dog breeds, including Dobermans, despite evidence that breed bans do not make communities safer. This is a tragedy that DA should rectify immediately. The current policy is not only unfair to responsible dog owners, but more importantly, is unlikely to be effective. As a dog owner, I am concerned that this policy unfairly targets specific breeds. As an Army leader, I am concerned that this is a poor policy which fails to protect our Soldiers and Families."

"Perhaps the Army should rescind these breed-specific bans and instead require these potentially dangerous canines to wear reflective belts to make them more visible to residents of military housing areas."

"Could these various potentially dangerous dogs all be made to wear a one-size-fits-all model of reflective Sam Browne Belt? I fear that the guys in the Clothing and Individual Equipment military bureaucracy might try to shoehorn them all into the same model of belt. Realizing of course that there are small, medium and large dogs, were the Army to follow its traditional practices for officer and enlisted personnel management they'd probably expect little dogs as well as big ones to fit within its "Dog for All Seasons" model. Oh well, perhaps the straps on these reflective dog belts could be made to be adjustable, like web gear, but for the life of me I can't imagine seeing an attack Dachshund fitting within a Doberman-sized belt."