28 January 2011


After three days of compiling the daily Small Wars Journal link roundup, I'm beat.  I have no idea how Dave Dilegge does this day in and day out.  Perhaps Dave might actually be the oft-mentioned "super-empowered individual"?

If you view the daily roundup, and odds are that fans of this blog do, you should consider heading over to SWJ and throwing a few bucks towards the Small Wars Foundation.  It helps Dave and Bill keep bringing you the very best in defense talk.

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Dave Dilegge said...

You done good Crispin and it is much appreciated. Also, please, do not give me too much credit - after all these years I have it down to a steady rhythm. I read the news any-hoot and it’s not much more of an effort to link what is either topical or interesting from SWJ. Again, thanks much!

Dave D.