11 February 2011

Critical Acclaim

If I ever write a book, I'm putting this review on the back cover.  From Ian Elliot of the Kingston Whig Standard (and Fark.com) on my latest piece for The Best Defense:
Your paper on integrrated retention of career soldiers was interesting, factual and suprisingly well done when looked at in the context of your educational continuum, but the conclusion fell flat and the romantic subplot felt tacked on, almost an afterthought, really. Characters as shallow as the donald duck paper you wrote this on.
And, of course, I got plenty love from my fellow O/Cs:
>Should a commissioned officer be using the word 'crunk' in a professional paper? Or is professional a little bit over the top?
>Oh, Tom Ricks addded the word 'crunk'. It's a hallmark of the aforementioned 'Great Satan's Girlfriend'. Check out her website, just not from your US Army computer. Might cause trouble with DOIM.
Great Satan's Girlfriend is like the Matrix; you can't really explain it. You just have to let people experience it for themselves.


japamo57 said...

If I don't ask, I'll never know. What is an O/C?

Starbuck said...

Observer/Controller (essentially, they evaluate a training exercise, "referee" the battle, control the sequence of events, etc).