03 February 2011

First the Bloodninja, now this?

Years ago, I was falsely--I dare say maliciously--accused of being the notorious "Bloodninja".  Today, I was accused of something far worse.  

You see, gentle reader, I like to post cartoons from the legendary "Doctrine Man" all over my meager cubicle.  And when I say "all over", I really do mean just that:

Truly, this must look like a cry for help from the Army's mental health services.
Upon seeing the menagerie of warped humor adorning my work space, another soldier remarked, "That 'Doctrine Man' guy is hilarious.  Did you ever see the video about the FRAGO?"

"Check this out.  You'd like this", he said, typing a few words into Google.

My stomach turned as the video loaded.  Like Poe's veritable telltale heart, my Youtube username pulsed and blinked at the bottom left hand corner of the screen.

"Hey, uh, this guy has the same name as you.  And he says 'FML', just like you."

My pallor intensified.

"Sir, are you the Doctrine Man?"

"I just make Doctrine Man fan films!  I'm no more the Doctrine Man than the Star Wars Kid is Mark Hamill.  Deal with it!"

Author's note:  For the record, I am not the Doctrine Man.  I...just have issues.  

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Herbal said...

Okay, Doctrine Man.