20 February 2011

Viva la Revolucion de Twitter!

We need to give this guy a position.
My Twitter Revolution has succeeded!  After tireless hours of tweeting--during which I was gravely wounded with Blackberry thumb--I have finally achieved a breakthrough with the government of Liechtenstein.  

My friends, we can now rent the entire nation of Liechtenstein for a day (or more), should we desire.  For a small fee, we can declare ourselves rulers, establish a dictatorship, and wear funny hats.  Liechtenstein's "rent-a-nation" program is managed by Xnet AG, which has sponsored similar "rent-a-village" programs in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

But I don't think the program goes far enough.  Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) organizations on local military bases throughout Germany are perennially short on money, and always seem to be taking part in some fund raiser or another.  Thus, I propose a "rent-a-military-base" program throughout all of US Army Europe.  Should I raise enough money to run a base for a day, I would ban reflective belts and institute autobahn speeds across the entire garrison.  I would announce the change in policy through signs at the access gates, which would read, "All your base are belong to us".

For great justice.

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