07 February 2011

Warrior Transition Units don't do wounded vets justice? Who could have forseen this?

(Photo courtesy  US Army Public Affairs on Flickr)
Carl Prine has compiled extensive--and damning--research on the Army's Warrior Transition Units (WTUs).  According to Prine, these organizations, instituted in the wake of the Walter Reed scandal, have merely given rise to over thirty mini-Walter Reeds, in which drug addicts, malingerers and "slicksleeves" outnumber Purple Heart recipients.  In a related article, Prine explains that the Army's lax recruiting standards have only compounded the WTU's woes.

(But don't just take Carl's word for it.  A certain someone's been saying this for a while.)  

Shame on us.  We can do better.


M.L. said...


We should do better, but I am not convinced we can do better. Toxic leadership has become the preferred method of "leadership" (I use the term loosely) in the Army. Actually caring for a Soldiers is an alien concept to a toxic leader. We simply do not have that many people that know how to "do better."

I am afraid most Army leaders wouldn't know where to start.

Michael C said...

Great spot, I'm retweeting it right now.

This also explains how the Army is 100% on its numbers, but every unit is drastically short manpower.