30 October 2008

Weather forecast for Sackets Harbor, NY (Home)

So while it's about 80F here in Kuwait, I got an e-mail from my mother this morning with pictures of Upstate NY.  It appears that the winter season in Upstate NY has officially started...the kids will be trick-or-treating through the snow in Syracuse, NY, apparently.

Update.  Apparently, the damned are ice skating in hell:  the local schools just called a bona-fide snow day today.  So basically, I went a whole year at Fort Drum with no snow day and a few days after I go to Kuwait, I miss out on a snow day.  O Fate, how you mock me.

A "brisk" Upstate NY autumn.  Friggin' cold.

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Anonymous said...

Wow I am from Drum to and in Iraq right now and the weather here is putting me 3 days behind trying to get out on R&R and it still doesn't look good, I wish I was at Drum with my family