09 January 2009

Life Imitates Art

While reading up on Martin van Crewald's paradox, I came across a statement on the Iraqi insurgency which reminded me of something amusing.

While we often refer to "an insurgency" in Iraq, there have actually been multiple insurgent groups, criminal organizations and militias which made up "the insurgency".  Each of these groups had its own political goals, organization, and sometimes even fought against one another.

Yes, much like the People's Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the Popular Peoples' Liberation Front for the Liberation of Palestine, and the dozen or so other Palestinian liberation groups found in the Monty Python movie, The Life of Bryan.  Groups who hate each other even more than they hate the Romans.  

I'm so cultured...

Romani ite domum!


Anonymous said...

Just found the blog. I am enjoying it quite a lot and have added it to my favorites. What is your user name on the RMMB, if you have one?

Starbuck said...

I go by burkencsu, but I hardly post. I read it quite often though, and I think it's probably one of the greatest boards ever, and I've been on and moderated quite a few boards.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the quick response. Keep the blog updates flowing. This site is a gem.