03 January 2009

Links of the Day

We've talked about Cyberwarfare before in a previous entry.  Seems that a blogger named Matt Devost has been a virtual Cassandra in the field of Cyberwarfare for over a decade.  The only difference between Mr. Devost and the mythical Cassandra, however, is that people are just now starting to listen to Devost.

Secondly, there was an interesting article in the Christian Science Monitor recently about the difficulty of COIN in Afghanistan.  With over 400 ethnic groups and no democratic tradition, combatting insurgents and establishing a stable, strong democracy are major challenge.  Even General Petraeus has been hesitant to remark on what an effective counterinsurgency plan for Afghanistan would look like, given the vast differences between Afghanistan and Iraq.

Lastly, the London Times posted an article regarding the success of Predator drones in tracking down senior Al-Qaeda leaders in Waziristan.  I was going to say that I found it amusing that a cheap, unmanned drone was making more of a dent in the War on Terror than the ultra-expensive F-22 Raptor (roughly $100 million per copy), until the article revealed that a program to sell Predator drones to Great Britain cost the UK some 500 million pounds.  

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MattD said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog post on your site. I still look forward to it being an interesting year. We've seen major attention to cyber issues in the first quarter.

Take care.