26 June 2009

No Celebrity News, All of the Time*

There are four days remaining until US combat troops will be withdrawn from Iraqi cities, which may have grave implications for Iraq's security. There's still turmoil in Tehran. With that said, those events are far from the headlines today. Greyhawk at the Mudville Gazette perfectly summed up my thoughts on the most recent media extravaganza:

I wanted to write this post yesterday, but thought it would be wrongly perceived:

Dear Iran
Don't be fooled - you have about 48 hours until Brittney Spears does something to make us forget you.
I should have gone with my instinct - though it turns out it was Michael Jackson and I was optimistic on the timing.

Update: Twitter appears to be crashing under the strain, which indicates it's not that useful for really big news.

Talk about timing! Since the last few days have been relatively slow in the world of foreign and defense policy, I might, just this once, give in to celebrity news. Here's your Michael Jackson video of the day:

*--Unless it's Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart or Megan Fox. I gotta attract viewers somehow.


Lily said...

yeah, it's gonna be interesting to see what happens then...

however re the seriousness of the iraqi army: you're very right about Saddam not having wanted anybody who could pose a threat towards him...

but apart from that; what kind of a mental attitude would you expect of people who haven't been "their own" for a long, long time?

Of course they don't have goals of their own and of course they don't see a reason to get in some selfdiscipline! They're just hanging on, keeping their heads low enough, so nobody will notice them too much, hoping they'll make it through somehow without too much unpleasantness.

Same in Iran. It may appear that they are raising their voices... but in general the people feel nothing but beaten up and overwhealmed. not much selfdiscipline, no real belief in ethics or justice! So naturally you can't expect much from them until they recover mentally.

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