30 August 2009

Out of the woodwork

I've noticed that issues like PowerPoint, military writing, and military bureaucracy seem to get everyone riled up. Which is good, because I like the replies.

I need to add in a reply from Kyle (UH-60 pilot) who posted this reply in Facebook:

"Your motivation to rid the Army of awkward, grammatically incorrect and superfluous writing positively impacted the mission accomplishment of this post. As an integral member of the blogging world, your dedication to your duty has contributed immeasurably to clarifying this pivotal issue."

This is going in my evaluation support form.

By the way, Kyle also brings up my other pet peeve. Why do we always feel the need to write "positive impact" in awards? Would we be writing an award if it had a negative impact?

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El Goyito said...

Perhaps you should also call attention to the military's prolific over-use of acronyms - from AWOL to COIN to Z...? (surely there's one that starts with a "Z"!). These acronyms often go unexplained to civilians and end up being a kind of separate language not understood by those outside of the military.