07 October 2009

The IDF did it first...

Much has been written this week (H/T Adam Elkus and Sunjun) about China's 60th Anniversary military parade, which featured female troops clad in pink uniforms with go-go boots and submachine guns. I remain unimpressed. Kings of War has already reported on high-heel wearing Ukrainian troops, and the Russian Army has been holding its annual "Beauty in Epaulets" pageant for female troops for years. (They must not have an Equal Opportunities Officer in the Red Army).

The original hot chick fighting force is, without a doubt, the IDF. What would I do without Sephira, a female (straight, no less) who posts her "IDF Death Babe" of the week every Monday? (What's even more hilarious is that the IDF chicks never seem to have a shortage of M-4s)


Anonymous said...

I do my best :)

Anonymous said...

IDF Beautiful, not ugly