26 April 2010

How many SWJ writers can you spot in this article?

Elisabeth Bumiller of the New York Times tackles an issue of vital military importance: the pervasive use of PowerPoint. The article includes sound bytes from Gen. H.R. McMaster, Col. T.X. Hammes, and that helicopter guy that posts pictures of Megan Fox on his website.

Thanks to all the tweets that alerted me to the story just now.


J. said...

BOoooring. Recycled story, no new news.

But grats on the mention.

Andy Kravetz said...

Hey big man, congrats on the mention in the NY Times. I remember the first I got that and well, I still have the story. Kudos. I posted a link on my blog and on my blog's FB page. kudos.

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Starbucks!

Eric C said...

Congrats, with jealousy. :)