27 May 2010

Blog Drama, Part II

I can only imagine what MPRI, the contractor hired by the US government to analyze military blogging trends, will write about the drama surrounding David Axe, Michael Yon, and Blackfive which has permeated the milblogosphere this week.

In keeping with this blog's theme of snarky satire of current affairs, I challenged the Great Satan's Girlfriend to a duel in fake online drama, so as to parody the recent milblog antics. Yet, even the Great Satan's Girlfriend, the 19-year old foreign policy firecracker who wrecks cars about every other month, couldn't even begin to emulate the catty hysteria which seems to have overcome the milblogosphere recently.

I haven't seen teenage angst this outrageously sad since Nickelodeon's teen drama "Fifteen". (Don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about).

1 comment:

jenniferro10 said...

I *do* know the show you're talking about, and I hate myself for it.

Yon is booboo kitty. Why does Axe even entertain him?