29 July 2010

The Life of a Milblogger

I trudged into the office today, lifeless, drained of all energy even after two massive cups of coffee.  I collapsed into my chair and rubbed my eyes, streaked with crimson lines.  Another officer took notice.

"Late night drinking, eh?"

The words echoed as loud as artillery shells.  I slowly turned and muttered, "It wasn't beer.  It was #wookieeleaks."

I spent much of the night coming up with new #wookieeleaks comments, much to my regret this morning.

Later today, I will treat my dear readers to a list of the best #wookieeleaks.  Until then, check out The Atlantic's Marc Ambinder's top ten compilation.  It's somewhat incomplete, as my submissions are curiously absent.

In other #wookieeleaks news, check out this raw footage of the egregious contractor fraud that has caused the Death Star to fall behind schedule.  That Death Star gap won't close itself!  Let's get it finished!

(You can skip to 30 seconds in)

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