20 July 2010

Slow Day

I just received my copy of Understanding Counterinsurgency in the mail, featuring essays from Thomas Rid, Andrew Exum, David Kilcullen, John Nagl, and Peter Mansoor.  With the news being somewhat slow today, I think I'll retire with this book for the evening.

By the way, don't forget to check out Dr. David Ucko's latest at Kings of War.  (As an aside, I must say that my meeting with Dr. Ucko in Berlin this weekend was much like my meeting with Adam Elkus in Syracuse.  Though with less talk of LOLcats and a greater emphasis on reflector belts...)

1 comment:

David said...

Thanks (right?). I am planning a FB album devoted to the reflector belt. Already tried out the Jedi light saber effect to great... effect (damn).

Enjoy waiting for Internet. Don't know how things are where you're based, but here in Berlin, these things can take some time... Hope you like bowling, in other words.