08 October 2010

In which I take part in rigorous training

Don't get me wrong:  I applaud the US Army's efforts in combating human trafficking, a racket which rakes in $32 billion annually.  Yet, developing a choose-your-own adventure which features prostitutes, child laborers, and strippers probably isn't the best way to encourage troops to combat trafficking.  If there's one thing I've learned about video game culture, it's that incorporating these elements into video games only encourages otherwise law-abiding citizens to unleash their Jungian dark side in a virtual, consequence-free environment.

(Click the picture to enlarge it)


Patrick said...

Too good to be true!

Unknown said...

Please excuse me, but AYFKM? Please tell me this is not a screen shot of said game. Awful. Just awful.

Blogger said...

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