22 February 2011

Upcoming Changes

In the next few days, I'll be making some big changes here at Wings Over Iraq,including a Tumblr account, migration to Wordpress, and my very own .com domain, http://www.wingsoveriraq.com/.  Gotta keep with the times, baby!

Not to mention, there's talk of yet another issue of Future Foreign Policy, courtesy of the Great Satan's Girlfriend.  I can hardly wait. 


Eric C said...

I think at least three times a year, there has to be some type of post on how blogs, blogging or bloggers are in decline. Thank you for wasting our time, NY Times.

I mean, even within that post that said the few remaining bloggers spend their time writing longer, more meaty posts. (I also don't think they get that you can share blog posts on twitter, facebook, etc)

Which leads me to my question: what is the point of tumblr? I've been seeing it around for the last few weeks. How will it be different than twitter, the blog?

Anyway, smat move on getting your own domain and wordpress set-up. Looking forward to the redesign.

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