22 December 2008

And the Boeing Employees Respond

I remarked earlier that Chinooks can get cold.  SunJun, a Boeing employee, remarked that this was so that the pilots don't go to sleep in a nice warm Chinook.  I also got a nice e-mail from Lauren from Boeing, who stated:

Anyway, sorry about the Chinook coldness...maybe from the aerospace sector we could design some sort of light weight mobile self-contained warming suits modeled after the space suits that actually cool the 'nauts during space walks..i'll make sure to put that one in the suggestion box...

 While I thank Lauren for putting this one in the box, it might be a moot point.  Soon enough, it'll be nice and warm and 130F out here, so in a few months, you'll hear me complaining that it's too hot here instead of too cold.  

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