22 December 2008

Thoughts while stuck

So, um, I'm kind of stuck in place for the time being, so I decided to weigh in one of the most pressing stories in the news...the Iraqi shoe-throwing guy.

You know, if someone had told me last week that Iraq was starting to become a minature America, I'd have to say I'd be skeptical.  Now I realize that maybe there is a small amount of truth to this.  You see, in Iraq, much like in the US, a person can get an insane amount of publicity and fame through the magic of Youtube (and the many Youtubers that love to edit videos).  So step aside, Star Wars Kid, Chocolate Rain Guy, Dramatic Chimpunk, Dancing Stormtrooper and Leeroy Jenkins--Iraqi Shoe Throwing Guy is now the reigning Youtube King of the Week.   

Hey, at least the big story in Iraq is someone throwing shoes and not someone throwing improvised bombs.  I guess people in all nations long to care about stupid stuff.  So, off I go to get my Britney Spears news for the day.  After I read Small Wars Journal, that is.  

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