21 December 2008

Christmas Humor of the Day

The first is from Collegehumor.com, and it involves Santa's complaint box.  I can imagine the elves sitting around, discussing Santa's business model:

1.) Make toys
2.) ?
3.) Profit

Apparently, I'm not the only one that thinks of this.

Additionally, check out this video.  I know many of you dream of a White Christmas, and for those of you in Upstate NY, that's pretty much a given.  Nevertheless, don't be so desperate for a White Christmas that you need to grab a fire extinguisher and spray it all over your sorority house because you "just wanted to make it snow". This will probably result in you not getting into your sorority of choice.

Really, don't do it.

I'm serious.

Lastly, I totally hear you, T-Rex

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