20 December 2008

Me in the news (sort of)

On 26 December, if you're not returning your presents to the store, please check out a podcast that I conducted with Len Edgerly, host of The Kindle Chronicles.  I basically talk about what I'm reading and all the places I've taken my Amazon Kindle. 

To include a picture of me during a looooong maintenance delay.  That's one of the best times to get in some good reading...

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Avalon said...

I noticed you liked the book The Count of Monte Cristo. There's a book that my sister and I read on our Kindles called "A Prisoner of Birth" by Jeffrey Archer. It's more modern and compared to The Count of Monte Cristo.

Check out your messages at the Kindle Boards as I can leave a picture and description of the book there.

Hope you are okay and enjoying lots of books on your Kindle.
Avalon3 from the Kindle Boards.