20 December 2008

Mail Bag

I may be short a lot of things out here, but after the efforts of Adopt a US Soldier (et al), I'm not short on cookies.  I think there's a popular misconception that Soldiers are starving out here, because I've gotten a lot of canned goods and Ramen noodles.  I'm not even certain where I'd even cook Ramen noodles.  

So with the surplus of cookies, I have to get on everyone to make certain they burn off all that holiday food.  How might you burn off a cookie, you ask?  How about 33 minutes of snowball fighting.  

The Bachelor Guy.com has some great ways to work off some holiday eating (although it's not Crossfit, it still works).  Who knew you would have to snowblow your driveway for 40 minutes to burn off a fruitcake?

And in other news, Fort Drum actually closed due to snow today.  Yes, some place in Upstate NY actually closed due to snow.  So I ought to have lots of posts from Sackets Harbor today (AHEM).

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