08 February 2009

In other news

I'm certain that Michael Phelps and the bong is dominating the local news back in the US.  All I have to say is that, despite a massive advertising campaign in the 1980s which placed messages on urinal cakes and at the beginning of NES games, it is now apparent that winners can use drugs.  Next.

What is a little distressing is the hamstringing of US efforts in Afghanistan.  With supply routes through Pakistan being increasingly compromised by the Taliban (over 100 trucks were destroyed in an ambush about two months ago), the air routes through Kyrgyzstan have become that much more important.  And with the US now losing the bidding war on the airbase in that country (I'm not going to lie, I don't want to try to spell it again), it looks as if the US is going to be shipping supplies through Russia.  I would say that the Russians are not pushing for the closing of the Kyrgyzstan route and the opening of a Russian route out of any sense of philanthropy, rather out of some sort of effort to exact some sort of diplomatic leverage over the US, should they ever need it.  

So, just in case anyone was still promoting American unilateralism in today's globalized world, I thought I'd point that out.  

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SunJun said...

Surprisingly, the Phelps issue didn't draw as much news coverage as I thought. Given larger scandals (tax evasion by Obama appointees) and bigger issues (stimulus package), the press has more than enough fish to fry.