21 April 2009

How to end a conversation

As the weather in Iraq warms up, everyone needs to drink a lot more water. And that means stopping at every refueling point to hop out and do your business. Today's flight was no different. Not wanting to be known as Captain Weakbladder, I volunteered to stay in the running aircraft as the other pilot and the two door gunners hopped out and went to the restroom, whereupon they would shortly relieve me. No pun intended.

As the three of them hopped out, I enjoyed one of those rare moments when I was the only person in the helicopter as it was running. I looked over at our sister ship next to us, and decided to voice my disbelief at being the only person in the aircraft.

"Hey guys, I just noticed something", I said as I keyed the microphone

"What's that?" said one of the pilots from the other aircraft

"I think I'm alone now...

...there doesn't seem to be anyone arooooouuunnnd. I think I'm alone now. The beating of the rotor blades is the only soooooouuunnnndddd....

"I'm turning the pin switch down..."

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