16 April 2009

The New Boston Teabag Party

Okay, seriously, mainstream media. W...T...F?

The AFN News channel basically plays clips of the major network news shows. I have to say, I never thought I'd be glad to watch MSNBC and Fox News, because these two most self-righteous news programs are fond of making sexual innuendo, especially when referring to this little Boston Tea Party thing.

To be certain, I hadn't heard much of this Boston Tea Party, and only vaguely know that it's about taxes. But I certainly love the coverage from these two channels. Fox News is keen on using the word "teabag" in regular conversation. MSNBC is even better, displaying the caption "TEABAGGERS ARE NUTS!" I can't tell if the network is deliberately doing this, or if these channels have an 18-year old with a deviant mind typing up the captions.

So yeah, this is the news as of late.

Focus: I can only imagine the replies I'm going to get on this topic from Chad, a DJ from Syracuse, NY.

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