25 April 2009

This part got left out of Seven Pillars of Wisdom...

Today is ANZAC Day--a day in which we celebrate the achievements of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, specifically those during the Battle of Gallipoli during World War One. It is worth noting some interesting trivia about the battle. Well, Wikipedia facts:

Later in November 1914, First Lord of the Admiralty Winston Churchill put forward his first plans for a naval attack on the Dardanelles, based at least in part on what turned out to be erroneous reports regarding Turkish troop strength, as prepared by Lieutenant...

Okay, blame the intelligence lieutenant. It would really be a shame if this lieutenant's name went down in history as the lieutenant who gave Churchill bad intelligence regarding the Gallipoli landing. There is absolutely nothing a lieutenant could do to redeem himself from that.

...Lieutenant T.E. Lawrence.

Okay, maybe some people actually can make up for their mistakes.

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