05 May 2009

Thanks, AFN for another PSA!

After watching AFN today, I learned that there is something very dangerous in this world. Something that can completely ruin your life, your financial situation, your family's life, your home, your friends, and, who knows, might even derail the Mideast Peace plan.

What I speaking of? According to AFN, all of this will happen if you decide to participate in...


AFN's public service announcements are starting to remind me of that anti-drug ad featured in Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle.

Alcohol affects everyone differently. Apparently, it affects Canadians a lot less than it does Americans, judging by the fact that their drinking age is 19 years old, while in America it's 21 years old. Christ almighty, is it really necessary to have a drinking age set higher than any other non-Muslim country in the world (save for South Korea)?

Focus: What the hell is it with us Americans and alcohol?


SJ said...
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SJ said...

South Korea's drinking age is only 20, but even then, they only really bother enforcing it for those who are in high school or younger.

Not sure why America would bother with a higher drinking age. The only thing I can think of off hand is that America is by far the most dependent on its cars to transport its populace, and even that something we can work around instead of having outright prohibition for those younger than 21.