25 July 2009

Celebrity News--but it's relevant

Angelina Jolie stopped by the 1st Cavalry Division's headquarters in Baghdad the other day during her third visit to Iraq. The Tomb Raider star is a Goodwill Ambassador from the United Nations, and used the trip to draw attention to the plight of displaced persons within Iraq.

The displacement of people is one of the huge dynamics in Iraq which has affected security. For example, there are many who believe that the displacement of minority groups within Baghdad (e.g.., Sunnis from Shia-dominated Sadr City) actually played a role in the security situation of Iraq. During 2006, a series of bombings initiated by al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) set off a wave of violence between Sunni and Shia, particularly in Baghdad. Although there are many contributing factors for the winding down in the violence, the construction of walled hamlets seperating Sunni from Shia communities actually helped in reducing the violence. Consequently, in the Kurdish areas of the north, the migration of Kurds back into cities such as the oil-rich city of Kirkuk has also played a significant role in the violence in that city.


Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

You're spot on as far as security is concerned. But re Angelina... cute article and I believe she means well and admirable that she cares... and of course she's right that some action is needed... but have you checked out how that money is being used? UN and aid organizations always seem so "saint-like". But the reality is often very different to the public opinion of such an organization! And if I may say so, that can also pose a very real threat - also in terms of security!

Anonymous said...

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