06 July 2009

You don't see these types of news articles in the US

America and Australia are alike in many ways. Most notably, both countries are basically filled with the people that the British kicked out. But whereas Australia was a former prisoner colony, America received a huge influx of sexual prudes called the Puritans. And believe me, it shows...

Below are two articles which appeared in the Cairns Post, a local Australian newspaper which has given exceptional coverage to the two visiting US ships. Note that the Australians are far more tolerant of alcohol and dalliances with the ladies than the US is. You rarely see a newspaper in the US proclaiming American service members as "well-behaved", particularly when it also involves alcohol and women, but guess what, outside of America, most consider this to be relatively harmless.

But despite the large crowds, with thousands turning out to watch fireworks and listen to music on the Esplanade on Saturday night, police reported no incidents from the well-mannered visitors.

"Extraordinarily well-behaved are the words to describe the American servicemen," Cairns police’s Sen-Sgt Michael Bishop said.

"We were expecting them to behave well and they did.

"Their standards of discipline are very high."

The off-duty servicemen enjoyed their last big night of R ’n R on Saturday partying at popular city night-spots such as the Woolshed, Gilligan’s and Rhino Bar, where bar staff donned sailor hats and painted the stars and stripes on their faces.

"All my bar staff made $200 or more each in tips just on that night alone," a Rhino Bar spokeswoman said.

"It’s not only the businesses that have done well but the staff as well."

The bar’s manager Ritchie Midson was among many who praised the visitors’ manners.

"They were really polite, good guys … they actually say please and thank you more than the locals," Mr Midson said.

But wait, there's more. Below is an article entitled, "Broken Relation-ships ahoy!"

Although officially the servicemen were warned not to frequent the city’s brothels, Bernie Lee Long, who co-owns the Forbidden Apple at Portsmith, yesterday said his bookings just about doubled over the past week.

Reinforcements even had to be called in from down south to keep up with demand, Mr Lee Long said.

"The young, blonde and busty ones were particularly in demand but they were all kept very busy," he said.

"I think they’ll be happy to have a few days off actually."

Giggity Giggity.

Had this happened in the US, you'd have 24-hour coverage of pundits decrying the moral decay, and lamenting the fact that people in the military appear to like nothing more than sex and alcohol (this differs from most young males how?). Then again, we are also the same country that went ballistic and devoted more time to Janet Jackson's nipple shield than we did to the Iraq War.

On the rare occasion the Australian press actually does adopt a holier-than-thou stance towards young revelers, this is the treatment they get (worth watching till the very end):

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