09 August 2009

The cycle of bad and good luck continues

Just when I thought my luck was bound to change for the better, I wound up breaking the band on my Casio SeaPathfinder watch. Unfortunately, the watch uses a non-standard band that I can't get anywhere in the US (let alone Iraq) without sending it to the manufacturer.

Realizing that I'm pretty much fucked and that the options at the local post exchange are either a.) a $10 watch or b.) a $300+ GPS watch, I began to feel down on my luck. Fortunately, I mentioned this to one of my fellow milblogger/aviator friends, Claudia, who runs a blog entitled "Between Switzerland and the US".

The bad news: I have to send my Casio back to the US to get fixed
The good news: Claudia has five watches from a promotional giveaway.
The better news: Claudia is from Switzerland, and these watches are also made in Switzerland
The bad news: Not a Rolex
The good news: It's a Swatch
The better news: Not the flourescent-colored Swatch Watches from Parker Lewis Can't Lose, either. It's a pretty damn good watch, apparently.

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