10 August 2009


Boss Mongo has had two recent articles regarding Army Aviation in Iraq. In particular, he says that he really loves the support given to him by the local OH-58D Kiowa Warriors. I've always given the OH-58D community a good sense of healthy ribbing--after all, theirs is the only single-engine aircraft remaining in the fleet (aside from the LUH-72 Lakota, but that won't see combat). Nevertheless, I have great respect for those who fly the small, underpowered aircraft, with no doors, over hostile areas looking for trouble. I think most people do, too.

While in flight school, I spent some time flying in the OH-58C (a Kiowa which was used in the Vietnam War), and, honestly, I don't see how people do the whole doorless flying thing. If you thought I had a hard time keeping track of my wallet in an aircraft with doors, wait till you hear about me flying without doors. I lost my kneeboard clock somewhere near Geneva, Alabama back in flight school. I probably paid about $50 for it at Wings in Daleville, too. (Even though the "special pilot's kneeboard clock" was probably only a standard egg timer)

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