24 September 2009

Contractor Question

In the military, we contract everything. Contractors cook our food and wash our clothes. Contractors do almost all of the teaching and flying at flight school, at least in the Army. In fact, it's a rare sight to actually see a flight school student at Fort Rucker among all the contractors and retirees in the area.

Contractors also serve as infantrymen in Blackwater (or Xe), and they perform maintenance on all of our vehicles. With contractors outnumbering Soldiers two to one at one point in Afghanistan, it's safe to say that almost everything is contractable these days.

So does that mean I can contract out making PowerPoint slides? Please?


Gunslinger said...

I tried that, brother. Max effective range: 0.

an average patriot said...

One of my lifer sons runs the EOD school at Eglin and in that capacity likes the contractors but no where else. All three of them say civilians are ruining the military. Good luck with that PowerPoint!

J. said...

"So does that mean I can contract out making PowerPoint slides?"

No. Standard metric for Army CPT/MAJ is to brief any topic in 10 slides or less with 1 hour prep, half hour to deliver. Can't contract that out.