25 September 2009

Okay, more Qadaffi

You gotta love the smart-assery at Foreign Policy Online, home of the real foreign policy news. Want to hear the latest from the Qadaffi speech at the UN? Well, check out these pictures.

And don't forget to take a look at the executive summary of his speech, entitled "Qadaffi Time". (I guess like "Hammer Time". Because as Adam Elkus notes, Qadaffi is straight ballin')

  • Treki introduces Qaddafi as "king of kings" and "leader of the revolution" among a number of other titles. Delegates refusing to sit down. There's commotion in the room. It's a little unclear from here what's going on but Treki is trying in vain to gavel the session to order.
  • Qaddafi finally begins. Room still not quiet.
  • As representative of African Union (nations and traditional kingdoms) Qaddafi congratulates "our son" Obama. Ummm.... [ed. Note, Fox News was all over this comment, obviously trying to play up the Obama/terrorist rhetoric]
  • Doubles down comparing Security Council to Al Qaeda
  • Qaddafi gives shoutout to Silvio Berlusconi for apologizing for World War II crimes. Calls it a "glorious act." In the context of this speech, that's probably not a great thing for Berlusconi.
  • Now heaping praise on the "black, African, Kenyan" president of the United States [ed. Note—see, I told you all birthers were nutcases]
  • Good lord... Qaddafi now questioning the official record on the Kennedy assassination.
  • "Perhaps tomorrow we will have a fish flu."

Note: WOI fans may notice that I now have a "Qadaffi" tag dedicated to his outbursts.

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