03 September 2009

How could I forget?

I need to thank Sarah from Denmark for not only the link (great article about inter-personal communication) but also the virtual cup of coffee.

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Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Thanks for linking and I hope you were able to fish out all the furry bits...

Re coffee, booze, soldiers and sailors:
Well, you're spot on re the sailors! You even find rum on a Greenpeace-ship (next to the rotten ecological oranges...)
And I hope they won't mind me saying this... but they really could use a moral boost or two in terms of some chewy goodies and other things - this self-sacrificing attitude of theirs really gets to me and I'm not surprised that they don't get more done.

Re guys in special forces and healthy diets... well so they say... And personally I think it gets really cute when they even try to grow their own ecological veggies after retirement - pretending that the world is gonna be just fine as long as we all just keep our heads down and strictly mind our own business...

But I've been into something called "natural hygiene" for more than 2 decades now, experimenting with how far you can push the human body and under which conditions... and I tell you, that cracks up anybody in no time, unless they know exactly what is going on and have gotten their body used to it - on a low gradient.

re your post below:
you might be interested in that one, eventhough it's not a new post:


what always gets to me, is that people seem to think, all this goes on in a different world and has nothing whatsoever to do with them!