05 September 2009

That Crazy Qadaffi

More and more, I’m beginning to think that Libyan dictator Mohamdaffi is nutty enough to merit his own reality TV show.

The US press is just now picking up on Qadaffi’s latest rant (see Thursday’s post)—against Switzerland, a tirade so bizarre that makes Ralph Peters look like a model of civility and wisdom. If you’re going to advocate disbanding an entire country and giving it away to its former natural enemies, you might want to make sure that the aforementioned country doesn’t hold over one billion US dollars worth of your assets in its bank accounts. (It's lucky for Qadaffi that the Swiss government didn't realize Qadaffi's $1.2 billion in bank accounts in their country would have been sufficient leverage to release two hostages Qadaffi and company had been holding. Instead, they get to be the laughing stock of the world for apologizing to Qadaffi after arresting his son Hannibal following an incident during which he beat up his servants in a hotel in Geneva.)

But hey, what do you expect from the Qadaffi clan? First, you have Hannibal Qadaffi, whose drunk driving habits in France rival those of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. Then you also have Moammar Qadaffi himself, whose ridiculous garments and butterface would make even Lady Gaga look conservatively elegant. Throw in Moammar Qadaffi’s platoon of female bodyguards and you’ve got yourself a veritable nut house worthy of The Surreal Life.

The Arabist reports on Libya, likening Qadaffi’s rule more to Kim Jong-Il than Saddam Hussein.

He’s so….ronery…

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